Exploring the Relationship between Science and Technology in the Curriculum

Abbad Almutairi, John Everatt, Paul Snape, Wendy Fox-Turnbull


The position of science and technology in the curriculum has been debated, particularly from the perspective of their relationship. Some consider science and technology to be independent subjects while others believe that technology is applied science. This has led to a lack of a general consensus about the way science and technology should be taught, whether as independent or integrated subjects in the classroom. The general purpose of the paper is to provide a discussion about this issue by addressing the nature of science, the nature of technology and the nature of the relationship between the two. Based on the discussion, a model of the relationship between science and technology was developed as a pedagogical approach, which can be used as a guide to teaching science and technology separately, taking into account their interdependence and the way they can combine to produce solutions for society and the environment.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15663/ajte.v1i1.16


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