Initial Teacher Education PCK Development - Knowledge of Learners: A beginning technology teacher’s journey.

John Lockley, Michaela Nicholas


Initial teacher education is guided by understandings of what makes a good teacher. Through programmes, teacher educators bring theory and practice together to speed the development of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). PCK development occurs intensely over the first few years and continues over a teacher’s career. A teacher’s PCK is specific and contextual, addressing issues of their own classroom practice.

This paper adds to the literature by recounting the PCK development of a beginning food technology teacher in the area of understanding learners. It identifies the affordances that supported her development in line with current literature. In addition, it identifies the influence of theoretical models on teacher professional development and learning, in this case Choice Theory. The paper documents examples of specific pedagogies developed by the beginning teacher to address identified student learning needs in New Zealand. It also raises implications for initial teacher education preparation practices.

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