Contributions to Technology Education through Funds of Knowledge

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Wendy Fox-Turnbull


The value and place of cultural knowledge, particularly that of minority groups, is frequently overlooked in school settings. However, when teachers are aware of students' backgrounds, and
cultural practices, the likelihood of students making use of this knowledge increases. This article reports on a study that explored the contribution of students' Funds of Knowledge in undertaking technological activity. It explores the Funds of Knowledge deployed in technological practice and the role these played when students collaboratively developed their technological outcomes.

Set in a primary school with six and ten year old students, this study revealed that students deployed home and community knowledge when developing technological outcomes. The article
introduces two sub-categories of Funds of Knowledge and compares the use of Funds of Knowledge between the two year levels and across a unit of work.

This study highlights the use of Funds of Knowledge in technology education and examines aspects within Funds of Knowledge that are applicable to it.

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