The effect of classroom activities on students’ interest and career aspirations towards technology

Jan Ardies, Sven De Maeyer, David Gijbels


Many countries implement mandatory technology classes in the secondary education curriculum in the hope of stimulating students’ interest and career aspirations in the field of technology However, there is still a need for empirical studies on how teachers and their classroom activities could enhance interest in technological vocations. This paper focusses on the different effects of classroom activities on boys’ and girls’ interest and career aspirations towards technology. Students (n = 2228) from 20 different schools participated in this study. The effects of different classroom activities were explored: interaction, hands-on activities, student investigations, and applications in technology. A factor analysis of the items enhanced the composition of the four factors. The results of the multi-level analyses indicate that some activities are more effective than others, and this effect is different for boys and girls.


Classroom activities; attitudes; interest; technology education; secondary

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