A new approach to professional learning and development for technology teachers in New Zealand: Developing networks of expertise

Elizabeth Reinsfield, Wendy Fox-Turnbull


This article presents a study that focuses on the Mātanga’ (Māori term for expert) perspectives of their leadership in a professional learning and development (PLD) programme in technology education. Funded by the Ministry of Education’s Network of Expertise Initiative, the PLD programme was designed and delivered by Technology Education New Zealand (TENZ), to foster teachers’ engagement with the technology education curriculum. It aimed to develop teachers' specialist identity by focusing on Reinsfield and Williams’ notions of technological and technical thinking, by matching teachers with Mātanga. The Mātanga identified various factors affecting the nature of technology education in New Zealand, and had differing understandings and interpretations of technology, which resulted from their professional experiences. They recognised various factors affecting the nature of technology education in New Zealand. Most evident were the tensions in teachers’ curriculum and assessment understanding, and the pressures being placed on practitioners to remain current in their practice.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15663/ajte.v0i0.67


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