Computational thinking: Visible in the classroom but invisible in the curriculum

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Helena Isaksson Persson


In our technology-intensive world, computing and programmed technological solutions have gained in importance, and their influence on curriculum, teaching, and learning has been substantial worldwide. Sweden, along with many countries, has integrated programming into the compulsory school curriculum as an integrated part of the teaching of Mathematics and Technology. In addition to a focus on programming, the new curricula also place significant emphasis on digital skills and on enhancing awareness of how the digitalisation of society affects us. Programming is described as a digital competence and computational thinking (CT) as important knowledge through which to facilitate learning and understanding of programming. Thus, it seems that CT, as seen in the Swedish
context, should relate to both programming and digital competence. In this article, the aim is to examine the presence of CT in Swedish research literature and as a part of the discourse around the development of the Swedish curriculum. A content analysis of the curriculum and a thematic analysis of research publications show that CT is not well integrated into Sweden’s educational system. However, CTrelated activities are found in several subjects and research about CT, and programming is thriving. Requirements for the design of complex systems where understandings of humans and technology are equally important put new demands on education. Meeting these demands in education can be a challenge, but one subject in the Swedish curriculum seems to be suitable for the task, the technology subject. We conclude that the subject technology should be revised to include a greater focus on creativity regarding CT and the construction of computational technological artefacts.

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Isaksson Persson, H. (2023). Computational thinking: Visible in the classroom but invisible in the curriculum. Australasian Journal of Technology Education, 9.